Careers 2 Communities

Community Connection

Closing the gap betweeen education and employers with career-focused learning

The Careers2Communities program seeks to enhance college and career readiness of all students. With a focus on equitable access, students will increase their awareness of high-growth career opportunities in their region and complete a career-focused math curriculum.

We support math learning and Career and Technical Education (CTE) throughout New Mexico by helping students understand the why behind the what. We believe that when a student can see it, they can be it.


Here's How

  1. Authentic Career Stories
    • By sharing curated stories of professionals throughout New Mexico, students discover real-life examples of all backgrounds. Explore stories.
  2. Access to High-Value Careers
    • Informing students of high-value careers available in their community supports long-term success for both the economy and students. View resources
  3. Career Awareness
    • Through career-focused learning, students can learn about career opportunities and the skills required to obtain a career. Learn more

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