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Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting college and career readiness throughout New Mexico.

  • What courses are available?

    Pathway2Careers offers career-focused math curricula for 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry.  

  • Is the curriculum on the approved materials list?

    Yes, Pathway2Careers math curricula is on the NMPED approved supplemental materials list.

  • How do I access the lessons?

    Lessons are easily accessible through the Pathway2Careers learning platform. After completing the Get Started Form, an email with personalized links will connect you to more than 350 lessons available in both PDF and digital format.

  • Does the curriculum align to Common Core Standards?

    Yes, Pathway2Careers math curriculum is in complete alignment to Common Core state standards. In addition, the P2C Curriculum Crosswalk allows you to explore how Pathway2Careers lessons can complement your current program.

  • Where can I find implementation support?

    Get started guides are available for download in the Resources section of the P2C Curriculum page. The guides provide step-by-step support from creating an account to assigning lessons. In addition to getting started guides, MC2 offers professional learning opportunities for educators. Complete the Learn More form to receive information about upcoming training opportunities.

  • How many careers are highlighted in the curricula?

    The career-focused math curriculum bridges the gap between textbook theory and real-life application. Over 250 unique careers are featured throughout each course.

  • What are the Pathway2Careers Assessments?

    Pathway2Careers Assessments provide a Quantile® measure, in partnership with MetaMetrics®, and indicate a students’ readiness for more complex skills. The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics places both the student and instructional material on the same scale to match the learner with math resources at their ability level.

  • What assessments are available?

    Each course contains three assessments: a beginning of year, middle of year, and end of year assessment.

  • Where can I find more information on Quantile measures? Quantile measures help teachers ensure that students develop the math skills necessary to pursue their career goals. Thedocument provides many resources to support learning and growth through Quantile measures
  • How long do the assessments take to complete?

    The tests are untimed, but each is assessment takes between 30 and 35 minutes for a student to complete.

  • What is the Careers2Communities Program? Careers2Communities seeks to improve outcomes for all students. The program, funded by The Expanding Access to Well-Rounded Courses Demonstration Grants Program, will enhance college and career readiness through a series of online Career and Technical Education (CTE) and well-rounded education programs.
    • Focused on equitable access to meet the needs of underserved students
    • Increase student awareness of high-value career opportunities within their region
    • Deliver career-focused math curricula to increase student motivation and improve math performance
    • Support educators with guided professional learning and curriculum implementation
  • Who manages the Careers2Communities Program? Careers2Communities (C2C) is a collaborative effort that leverages the expertise of numerous organizations, including New Mexico Public Education Department, High Plains Regional Education Cooperative, NS4ed, MC2, Front Porch Studios, New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, and The Bridge of Southern New Mexico. Learn more about these organizations here.
  • What is the purpose of career journey stories?

    By curating a diverse set of career stories from professionals throughout New Mexico, students can connect to a plethora of authentic career stories and realize the potential of obtaining a career path by exploring a variety of professionals.

  • Where do I find the community story videos?

    Videos are updated often and posted on our “all stories” page on