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Teacher Feedback on Pathway2Careers Curriculum

As part of the New Mexico Careers2Communities program, teachers used Pathway2Careers Curriculum as a supplemental resource for Algebra I and Geometry lessons. Teachers were able to discover the rigor of the curricula, its ability to engage students with career application lessons, and demonstrate the variety of careers that require math skills in the “real world”.  

Just as teacher feedback in the classroom is critical for student learning, the feedback received from teachers provides valuable feedback as Pathway2Careers Curriculum is implemented throughout New Mexico.  

Early indicators demonstrate the success teachers can have when connecting learning to careers. From teachers:   

  • “Pathway2Careers is an opportunity for students to earn about math concepts through the lens of a potential career in their future.” 
  • “It’s all very practical, it’s all very reasonable. It gives the kids a really good foundation on why they need to do this.”  

Watch the 60 second video to hear firsthand what teachers are saying about this new curriculum.  

As part of the Careers2Communities program, teacher feedback will continue to be an important component of the program. Feedback will be used to strengthen ongoing activities such as professional development support for implementation of Pathway2Careers, increasing career awareness through career spotlights, and improving math learning by connecting the value of math in everyday work experiences.  

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Note: NS4ed is a collaborative partner of the Careers2Communities Program