Careers 2 Communities

P2C Math Implementation

P2C Math Implementation 

Pathway2Careers (P2C) Curriculum makes math meaningful by connecting students directly to their interests and relevant high-value career paths. Intended to be used in a blended learning model, P2C lessons supplement and compliment the core curriculum.  

Funded by The Expanding Access to Well-Rounded Courses Demonstration Grants Program, this curriculum is on the PED approved math supplemental material list and is a FREE resource for all New Mexico schools.  

One of the primary objectives of the Careers2Communities program is to improve math scores in New Mexico by connecting learning to careers. With Pathway2Careers Curriculum, teachers demonstrate the how math skills are used in different high-value careers available in New Mexico.  

Receive your Pathway2Careers Implementation resources for Algebra I and Geometry by completing the ‘Get Started’ form today. Choose between two implementation types: 

  • Guided Implementation: This implementation type is supported by Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2) and offers education support through collaboration and learning sessions with others.    
  • Self-Paced Implementation: This implementation support is designed for those interested in learning at your own pace and utilizing online guides and resources to implement P2C Curriculum.