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P2C Assessments
Middle of Year Assessments Available

Access this important middle of year assessment to accelerate students’ proficiency in math. The Quantile® measures from MetaMetrics® places both the student and instructional material on the same scale to match the learner with math resources at their ability level.

The low-stakes assessment is available for all 8th Grade Math, Algebra, and Geometry Teachers. The middle of year assessment will be available beginning December 1 and will be available through January. 

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Pathway2Careers Curriculum will have digital lessons available on September, 23. Attend one of the upcoming webinars to experience the flexibility of digital lessons and see how you can bring career-focused math lessons to students.

When all students can learn critical math skills by seeing how math is applied to meaningful, everyday tasks used in a variety of careers, we can begin to close the learning gaps across the state. Interested in learning more and implementing Pathway2Careers Curriculum for free?

As part of the New Mexico Careers2Communities program, teachers provided feedback about Pathway2Careers Curriculum. Find out what they had to say.

To support the C2C program’s ambitious goal to improve student outcomes and foster economic growth and New Mexico, NS4ed is pleased to welcome Ricky Williams as an important contributor to this effort.

Intended to be used in a blended learning model, P2C lessons supplement and compliment the core curriculum. This curriculum is on the PED approved math supplemental material list and is a FREE resource for all New Mexico schools.

In developing educational practices and strategies, there is a strong need to ensure the destination is clearly defined. The destination can serve as a unifying direction for the educational journey, regardless of the path taken.

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