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Educators are no strangers to the question, “When will I use this in the real world?”

When students struggle to understand how math will be helpful and necessary for their future, attitudes towards math decline, and so does math performance.  It’s time we modernize math instruction by connecting learning to careers and providing purpose in math learning.

We support math learning and Career and Technical Education (CTE) throughout New Mexico by helping students understand the why behind the what. We believe that when a student can see it, they can be it.

The Careers2Communities program seeks to enhance college and career readiness of all students. With a focus on equitable access, students will increase their awareness of high-growth career opportunities in their region and complete a career-focused math curriculum.

Here's How

  1. Career-Focused Math Learning & Measurement
    • Provide purpose in math learning by connecting the value of math to everyday work experiences. Learn more
  2. Professional Development
    • Create professional learning options to support educators adopting a career-focused learning experience. Learn more
  3. Career Awareness
    • Increase career awareness through career spotlights and career exploration tools. Learn more
  4. Community Awareness
    • Explore authentic career stories curated from local professionals throughout New Mexico. View stories

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